Exhibition stand illuminated

Exhibition stand illuminated

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An exhibition stand illuminates your corporate communication in a very special way and gives your advertising message at exhibitions and events an incomparable charisma. Thanks to the innovative technology, our exhibition stands become real visitor magnets. Not only will your exhibition presentation be illuminated in a concise, lively and innovative way, but your products will also be optimally showcased by the bright, attention-grabbing illuminated walls. These not only create visual effects, but also create an impressive atmosphere that attracts the attention of exhibition visitors and thus increases your exhibition success. An illuminated exhibition stand attracts attention at the trade fair.

Our extensive selection of LED exhibition stands offers the right illuminated system for every customer requirement. If you now click on the “Discover more” button, we will present you the four most popular LED exhibition stand models. All of the illuminated exhibition stands presented offer different advantages, so that the right exhibition system is available for every customer requirement. The system specifications for each model can be found under the respective illustrations to enable you to make a targeted selection according to your needs.

Many illuminated walls to choose from

The most diverse and illuminated exhibition stand that our customers buy most frequently is ALU STAR. This illuminated system offers endless possibilities when planning and constructing an attention-grabbing exhibition stand. Basically, ALU STAR is a classic “do-it-yourself” system that is installed without tools. To assemble the system, the aluminum profiles are simply pushed together to form a frame. There are ready-installed LED modules at the top and bottom of the frame.

With ALU STAR, wall sizes of up to 10 m can be achieved. The system's transformers are located within the frame construction and are available in EU and US versions. The entire system structure is of course B1 certified. The graphic print, which is also fire protection certified, is inserted into the system groove in the ALU STAR frame using a rubber lip that is located on the fabric print. Complete! As simple as it is to set up, the illuminated exhibition stand ALU STAR is also child's play to dismantle and store in a sturdy ABS plastic trolley case. A 10 m wide exhibition wall fits into five transport cases and can therefore be transported in a normal station wagon.

Brilliant slide covering

Despite the diversity, all of our LED exhibition stands share basic characteristics. The individual slide covering for the illuminated walls is made on foldable textile material and is provided with rubber piping all around. This is easily inserted into the system groove of the illuminated frame, regardless of the system type ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP or GRID Lightbox. The covering is always double-sided or backed with a neutral, opaque material. The assembly and dismantling of each of the illuminated exhibition stands we present is extremely easy, which ensures maximum flexibility and user-friendliness.

Get an idea of the versatility and easy handling of an illuminated exhibition stand for yourself by visiting our showroom. Our expert team is not only available to provide you with individual advice on site, but also offers the opportunity to arrange a personal showroom appointment. Please call us on +49 (0) 69 7560800 to find a demo date that best suits your schedule.

Alternatively, you can also get advice by telephone. Our experienced team will be happy to answer all your questions and give you detailed information about the different LED exhibition stands and their possible applications. Take this opportunity to find out more about the impressive possibilities of our LED exhibition stands and to find the best solution for your customized exhibition appearance together. We look forward to assisting you with your exhibition stand project.

Exhibition stand illuminated - system technology + transport

Transport +
system technology

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Many of our illuminated exhibition stand systems can be transported in a normal car. Our illuminated walls ALU STAR, PIXLIP GO, GRID Lightbox and ALU LightUp are equipped with handy transport containers such as suitcases, trolleys or bags as standard. These transport units contain both the system technology and the graphics covering.

Exhibition stand illuminated - construction variants

Construction variants

An illuminated exhibition stand can be flexibly adapted to the circumstances.

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An illuminated exhibition stand can not only be used flexibly but is also characterized by its modularity. With our LED exhibition stand ALU STAR, it is possible to set up a 5 m wide as well as a 3 m and 2 m wide illuminated wall from one and the same wall system. Only the fabric covering then has to be made accordingly. Our LED exhibition walls ALU LightUp and PIXLIP GO can also be used flexibly and modularly. Since these illuminated walls are available in different widths, they can be put together in different arrangements, so that a new exhibition stand impression is always created.

Illuminated exhibition stands of our customers

Our customer references

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We are proud to present an impressive range of customer reference projects in the area of LED exhibition stands. Our customers, from different industries and with different company sizes, have found completely new exhibition presentations by integrating our innovative LED exhibition stand technology. An outstanding example is the project for Continental where we developed a customized LED exhibition stand that not only attracts attention but also effectively communicates the customer's brand message. The individually designed LED exhibition walls create a lively and innovative environment that arouses the interest of exhibition visitors and leads to numerous positive interactions.

Another notable reference project was the collaboration with Oxford, an IT mechanical engineering company. Here we have created a modular LED exhibition stand that is not only visually appealing but also allows for high flexibility for various events. The ability to customize lighting and graphics depending on the occasion makes this exhibition stand an outstanding investment for long-term exhibition strategies.

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